Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI becomes a true cloud solution, managed from Microsoft Azure. With the use of Azure Arc, organizations connect Azure Stack HCI to Microsoft Azure to enable cloud management and governance capabilities such as VM deployment to on-premises, role-based access control (RBAC), Azure Policy, resource tagging and much more.

Native Azure integration

The Azure Stack HCI operating system natively integrates with Microsoft Azure. This way it will be easier to register and connect clusters to Azure, no need to download and install agents on every host.  

Azure Stack HCI also includes new PowerShell modules to register the cluster and get additional information about sync status, billing and more. 


Since Azure Stack HCI is a cloud solution, the billing model will change to a cloud billing model. With this model the licensing costs switches from a CAPEX to an OPEX model. When Azure Stack HCI is down or up-scaled the day-to-day expenses change.  


Since the clusters are registered in Azure, information is present there to provide an overview of your clusters in a dashboard.

On top of that, Azure Monitor will be integrated to provide real-time monitoring across all servers and clusters and notify when issues arise.

Support via Azure support tickets

As cloud solution, the support of Azure Stack HCI falls under the umbrella of Microsoft Azure support. That means that you could request support by going to and file a support request there for your Azure Stack HCI solution. 

The New Azure Stack HCI

Microsoft has announced a successor of the current Azure Stack HCI. The current solution is based on Windows Server 2019 using Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct. The new Azure Stack HCI solution is based on a new operating system originating from Windows Server 2019, called Azure Stack HCI.

Managed Azure Stack HCI

Is your organization on a cloud-first strategy and evaluating cloud-based solutions before considering other alternatives? The new Azure Stack HCI is a cloud solution! It could be that your organization is not ready to host all workloads in the public cloud due to various reasons such as Costs, Performance and Data Sovereignty. Azure Stack HCI is a platform that can offer all these benefits while being managed from Microsoft Azure using the cloud management and governance capabilities such as role-based access control (RBAC), Azure Policy, resource tagging and much more.

Fully Managed by us

Splitbrain is committed to deliver a fully managed infrastructure platform based on Azure Stack HCI, with cloud characteristics. Operated by our subject-matter experts that will continuously monitor the cluster health. This platform will be an extension of your Microsoft Azure environment without your organization even noticing it. Azure Administrators will see workloads deployed on Azure Stack HCI as they are used to, in the Azure Portal. 

Cloud is a model, not a place

Is your organization adopting cloud? Does that mean that your IT-infrastructure must be hosted with a public cloud provider? 
With the new Azure Stack HCI your organization can use the disciplines of cloud governance, no matter where it is running. Managed by Microsoft Azure, it makes sure it complies to the policies you have decided.

Connected with Microsoft Azure

Virtual machines and containers have seamless connectivity to each other no matter where they live. Microsoft Azure will be the hub of your network where connectivity to your on-premises environments such as offices is routed through. The underlying network is based on industry-leading network equipment and makes use of Azure Express Route to ensure low-latency connection. 

At a location near you

Our partnership with Equinix makes sure your Azure Stack HCI environment is hosted at a location near you, or your cloud connectivity hub. 
With 50+ locations world-wide and direct connectivity to Microsoft, Equinix is the ideal provider to host your business-critical applications. 

Vendor agnostic

Azure Stack HCI is still a complete validated solution, both by the vendor and Microsoft. At Splitbrain, we are vendor agnostic. We help your organization further using the Hybrid Cloud of Microsoft.

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